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Operations Manager

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Operations Manager

Location: Austin, TX

Opportunity:  This small ticket broker broke the 100mm mark last year, and expects to exceed their record this year.  They spent the pandemic and since investing in their operation, building the infrastructure to scale to their current size.  As such, their operational needs have also grown, and they need an operations manager to handle the day to day management of their documentation and credit team, with between 8-10 employees, handling credit, documentation, processing and funding.

You will have influence on policy and be able to set standard operating procedures, enabling you to leave your mark on this organization in its quest for growth and efficiency.

About the Company: This dynamic company has attracted a considerable number of Gen Z’ers and Millennials, and their vibrant, energetic and technology forward culture reflects that. They are a generalist lessor, having grown beyond their founding niches, and define themselves by the maxim that there are always ways to reflect, improve, and grow.

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