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Advisory Services

After more than thirty years focused exclusively within equipment finance, we have accumulated experience far beyond the hiring process. In our continuing effort to provide value beyond the search for top notch talent, we have partnered with Rinaldi Advisory Services.  We offer a comprehensive suite of Advisory Services which assist independent lessors, financial institutions, industry service providers, manufacturers and international firms entering the US Equipment finance marketplace.

With an innate sense of urgency and a grasp of the subtle intangibles of the leasing and finance market, Executive Solutions and our partner, Rinaldi Advisory Services, help companies anticipate trends and out-perform their competition.

Talent Advisory Services

Interview Process Formulation & Consulting
Frequently the hiring process is performed in an ad hoc manner with hiring managers relying on their “gut”. In an effort to remove the guesswork we guide you through the process of creating an objective structure for what is ultimately a subjective process.  This includes establishing Goals and Objectives for the interview, helping establish effective communication between hiring managers and providing comprehensive training on successful interviewing.  This becomes a durable tool useful for years to come and enables the successful utilization of valuable insights gained during the interview process to manage and lead staff effectively.


Goals and Objectives:

  • How to establish SMART goals and objectives for employees and managers
  • Covers business development, operations, credit and administration staff. Includes designing compensation and incentive programs
  • This is of particular value for remote and/or outside sales people

Interview Training:

  • How to improve the interviewing process to recruit the right candidate
  • Training new and established hiring managers on interviewing
    • Includes preparing for the interview, following a company specific structured interview technique with further customization depending on department/role
    • Instruction on developing and asking the tough questions.
  • Could potentially include onsite/video conference role-playing, as well as remote interview evaluation and feedback

Interview Process:

  • How to effectively profile the vacant position, and ensure that the interview process successfully addresses required competencies and performance expectations
  • Developing an integrated interview program and designing a structured interview technique
    • Gathering feedback and decision-making
    • Ensuring the chemistry works
  • Utilizing the information gathered to develop effective on-boarding
    • *Executive Solutions can act as a surrogate for on-site interviewing for clients*

Role & Job Description Development:

  • How to write a job description, understanding why they are critical and the problems caused by an ineffective or unclear description
    • When to create a new position, divide one position into two and consolidate multiple positions into one
  • How to create a job description structure for a growing and maturing businesses
    • This ties into staff appraisals and the creation of a “baseline master leasing” ideal candidate/employee.
  • Requires In-depth discussions with executive management regarding required competencies and performance expectations

Talent Evaluation & Talent Pipeline Development
Leading companies know the process isn’t over after the conclusion of a successful hiring process. It is essential to proactively manage your staff and continually push to improve your team. We can assist in Staff Appraisals, Staff Development plans, Leadership Training to produce better managers, and Compensation Plan Analysis and Development to maintain high employee retention.


Talent Evaluation

  • Interview members of departments or teams to develop a “Best in Class” profile of successful employees
    • Identify struggling employees, whether sales, credit or elsewhere to develop a performance improvement plan to ensure you don’t lose your investment
  • Inclusive of your management team—developing a “Best in Class” management style that fits your culture
    • Develop management training that reflects your values and ensures your management team is the best they can be


Employee Review Process

  • Review your company policy on employee review, including their frequency, thoroughness, and use of information gained
    • Employee reviews are not a blunt instrument—learn from them to better train, manage or redeploy talent
  • Help establish a more consistent, productive, and useful system
  • Utilize a process that reviews up, as well as down.


Compensation Analysis:

  • Review existing compensation plans to ensure you’re incentivizing the right behavior from employees while also remaining market competitive.
    • Are you bonusing your operational staff by measuring the right metrics? Does your current plan pay only on company performance when improved individual efficiency would have a bigger impact?
    • Are your sales people incented to prioritize your sales goals, whether new customer origination, increased margin, customer retention, or better market penetration?

Succession Planning:

  • Develop a talent pipeline to ensure that as your company grows and the needs of the economy change you are well positioned to adapt and succeed with a deep bench of talent. The best companies hire not just in terms of satisfying their immediate needs but in planning for the future.


Building a Better Machine
Developing a top notch group of employees is necessary but not sufficient to running a leading finance company. You must ensure that your company remains on the cutting edge of innovation while continually working to improve efficiencies and profits. We can work with you to streamline your Operational Process, Assess and Recommend Improvements to the Business Model, and provide Interim Management while seeking a permanent hire or during a turn-around.


Process Improvement:

  • Implementing lean six-sigma tools to streamline all of the operational process in the business form ‘end to end’
  • Achieve greater efficiency and reduce expenses by driving down the cost per lease booked
  • Applicable to all processes including sales & marketing; credit underwriting; documentation; filings and collections
    • Include vendor program evaluation and improvement (in terms of vendor program agreement, introducing/streamlining tiers between blind private label and open “handshakes” program arrangements, etc)

Business Improvement:

  • Onsite engagement to asses the business model from business strategy through execution and into outcomes
    • Create a report with recommendations for improving the results being achieved.
  • Can extend to include the retention of managing consultant to implement the Recommendations

Interim Management:

  • Provision of a seasoned leasing professional executive as an interim leader or director during a turn-around or while a permanent hire is sought
  • Department manager, Division leader, or corporate leader can be provided
    • Departments can be sales in particular, but also credit, accounting and operations
  • Fixed Term or Flexible Notice period contracts are available

Executive Search

Executive Solutions partners with its clients to provide talent solutions across all functional roles and all levels of seniority within the equipment leasing industry.  Our search process goes beyond simply sourcing resumes, but working with you through every step of the process from job description creation, sourcing & qualifying candidates, assisting throughout the interview process up to and including working with you through the negotiation process to ensure you get the candidates you want.  We work with you and your employees through their on-boarding to provide the greatest possibility of success after hire.