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Module Three: Building a Better Machine

Process Improvement

  • Implementing lean six-sigma tools to streamline all of the operational process in the business form ‘end to end’
  • Achieve greater efficiency and reduce expenses by driving down the cost per lease booked
  • Applicable to all processes including sales & marketing; credit underwriting; documentation; filings and collections
    • Include vendor program evaluation and improvement (in terms of vendor program agreement, introducing/streamlining tiers between blind private label and open “handshakes” program arrangements, etc)

Business Improvement

  • Onsite engagement to asses the business model from business strategy through execution and into outcomes
    • Create a report with recommendations for improving the results being achieved.
  • Can extend to include the retention of managing consultant to implement the Recommendations

Interim Management

  • Provision of a seasoned leasing professional executive as an interim leader or director during a turn-around or while a permament hire is sought
  • Department manager, Division leader, or corporate leader can be provided
    • Departments can be sales in particular, but also credit, accounting and operations
  • Fixed Term or Flexible Notice period contracts are available