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Module One: Interviewing, Selecting and Hiring Talent

Job Descriptions

  • How to write a job description, understanding why they are critical and the problems caused by an ineffective or unclear description
    • When to create a new position, divide one position into two and consolidate multiple positions into one
  • How to create a job description structure for a growing and maturing businesses
    • This ties into staff appraisals and the creation of a “baseline master leasing” ideal candidate/employee.
  • Requires In-depth discussions with executive management regarding required competencies and performance expectations

Goals & Objectives

  • How to establish SMART goals and objectives for employees and managers
  • Covers business development, operations, credit and administration staff. Includes designing compensation and incentive programs
  • This is of particular value for remote and/or outside sales people

Interview Training

  • How to improve the interviewing process to recruit the right candidate
  • Training new and established hiring managers on interviewing
    • Includes preparing for the interview, following a company specific structured interview technique with further customization depending on department/role
    • Instruction on developing and asking the tough questions.
  • Could potentially include onsite/video conference role-playing, as well as remote interview evaluation and feedback

Interview Process

  • How to effectively profile the vacant position, and ensure that the interview process successfully addresses required competencies and performance expectations
  • Developing an integrated interview program and designing a structured interview technique
    • Gathering feedback and decision-making
    • Ensuring the chemistry works
  • Utilizing the information gathered to develop effective on-boarding
    • *Executive Solutions can act as a surrogate for on-site interviewing for clients*