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Understanding the Talent Pool & The Need for Training

Mr. Gerson’s article was published 10/18/12 in World Leasing News

Sourcing, Selecting, and Interviewing Talent Effectively

Article by Teri Gerson published in the Journal for Leasing Foundation

Leveraging Team Acquisitions to fund corporate training

This article explores how the revenue generated by the acquisition of “plug and play” groups can be used to fund the recruitment and training of the next generation of leasing specialists.

Talent Phenomenon

A Current Look at the Talent Phenomenon in the Leasing and Finance Industry

Talent Solutions — The Facts

New approaches for new recruits

Retained vs. Contingency Search

Article by Teri Gerson

Choosing an Executive Search Firm

Article by Teri Gerson

What Should You Expect From a Recruiter?

Article by Teri Gerson

Qualification Process

This is in bullet format. A much more detailed map to guide you through the process is available. Contact Jon Gerson 678.528.8996 or jongerson@exsolutions.com

Effective Interviewing – Transitioning New Employees

This outline addresses what to do after the candidate is hired.

Leadership Matters

2002 ELA Convention presentation